Five Ships to a Healthy Church

The Five Ships of a Healthy Church

One of the goals of the New Testament Church is for every member to participate in and to promote the Five Ships of a Healthy Church. These pages contain a summary of the Five Ships for your weekly review.

Prepare/Enrich Marriage MinistyPrepare/Enrich Couples Ministry

This Marriage Enrichment Ministry is for couples who are: joyfully married and want to enhance their relationship, married and want to reconnect with one another, engaged or dating.

Bible Reading Plan

Bible Reading Plan

Read The Sixty-Six Books In The Bible In Less Than One Year & Topical Color-coded Highlighting guide. By Julius R. Malone, Pastor-Teacher

Potential New Members Class Schedule

Wednesday Night Schedule (7pm to 8pm, Room 232) "click"

Sunday Morning (10am to 11am, Room 232) "click"