Five Ships to a Healthy Church

The Five Ships of a Healthy Church

One of the goals of the New Testament Church is for every member to participate in and to promote the Five Ships of a Healthy Church. These pages contain a summary of the Five Ships for your weekly review.

Prepare/Enrich Marriage MinistyPrepare/Enrich Couples Ministry

This Marriage Enrichment Ministry is for couples who are: joyfully married and want to enhance their relationship, married and want to reconnect with one another, engaged or dating.

Bible Reading Plan

Bible Reading Plan

Read The Sixty-Six Books In The Bible In Less Than One Year & Topical Color-coded Highlighting guide. By Julius R. Malone, Pastor-Teacher

Potential New Member Class Schedule

Wednesday Night Schedule (7pm to 8pm, Room 232) "click"

Sunday Morning (10am to 11am, Room 232) "click"

Harvest Fest 2014

No Regrets 2015

Saturday, February 7, 2015. The threme "Live Free", John 8:36". Join men of faith at New Testament Church, 10201 West Bradley Road.

8:00am to 4PM.


Eventbrite - No Regrets Men's Conference 2015