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Breakfast with the Champs Ministry

Every Tuesday

8:30 am - 10 am


Mission Statement
“Breakfast with the Champs” is the vision of Elder Oscar Johnson Sr. of the New Testament Church.  The prayer breakfast goal is to glorify God by strengthening the prayer lives of men through fellowship and prayer.  The group meets every Tuesday at 8:30 am in the fellowship hall of the New Testament Church.  The focus of the group is the Lord Jesus Christ, whom all “champs” acknowledge to be their Savior. We seek to be men who “pray without ceasing”. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Historical Overview                                                                                   
“Breakfast with the Champs” evolved out of Oscar Johnson deep desire to improve the fellowship of men.  It all started in 1993 in Oscar’s basement when a group of men gathered to pray and fellowship.  The book they used was “What God Does When Men Pray”.  Oscar was greatly encouraged by a Promise Keepers meeting and along with Wallace Kincaid and Leon Roberson, they pursued the idea of developing a men’s fellowship that would use a breakfast for men to advance the mission. The group used to meet at the Family Table Restaurant.  The men wanted to express themselves in song and praise and this venue was not viable.  Pastor Julius Malone suggested in 1997 that the group move to New Testament Fellowship Hall where it has met ever since by God’s grace.  The breakfast is prepared by many men who see their culinary gifts as a way to encourage the men to be receptive to each other and allow God to use them as champions of His Cause.
“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” – Jesus Christ, Matthew 4:19 

Elder Oscar Johnson

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